Healthy With Bikram Yoga

bikram yoga

“Hot Yoga” AKA Bikram Yoga is completed in a studio that must be maintained at 105 Fahrenheit. The certified teachers advise students to drink plenty of water just before, all through after exercise to avoid dehydration.

Since the pores of the skin are the greatest excretory organ of the body, much more toxins are expelled through the pores and skin by perspiration than by any other method. The more a person perspires, the more harmful toxins are eliminated from the body.

Bikram yoga exercise developed 26 positions of Hatha Yoga positions.  When first starting out, it is a good idea to start out stretching at home with a yoga DVD. Also consider your clothing, being comfortable in a quality shirt and a good pair of yoga pants will make the experience mush more enjoyable.

bikram yoga

The chosen positions strive to maneuver and stretch all the internal body organs. The involvement of all the muscle tissue will promote healthy body structure and flexibility.

The toxins and waste products from all the bodily organs are cleared away through Hatha yoga exercise. The  ill effects associated with harmful toxins must be eliminated for the healthy operations of all body functions. Bikram yoga tries to remove all the toxins by sweating out all toxins and then with the body movements push them out through the pores. The pores then push out the toxins which them must be washed off the body after the exercise is completed.

While exercising Bikram yoga exercise, it is totally normal for the students to be light headed at first and somewhat uncomfortable. The most effective way to combat these effects is to drink 8 oz of water every hour and also some type of electrolyte to replace those lost with all the sweating.

Many people look at yoga exercise as a peaceful type of physical exercise that does not include a physical component. Bikram yoga exercise differs altogether. The physical component of Bikram makes it very different. It can be a replacement for going to the gym for instance. There is a strength component that makes it one of my favorite types of yoga for these reasons.

Due to these particular characteristics, you should go a doctor and get a physical before attempting Bikram yoga. The last thing you want is to injure your self because your body is not able to handle the strain that Bikram yoga can exert on your body.

Once you get your doctors seal of approval it is best to start slow, so not attempt to do a full hours worth on your first go. It is best to ease into it by starting with 20 minutes or so. Trust your body, it will tell you when it is able to do more. After a few weeks of ever increasing sessions, you should be able to work up to a full hour.

Then you will be able to enjoy all the health benefits that Bikram yoga provides. You will notice your cravings for smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy foods will decrease as all the toxins are shed from your body.

This particular type of yoga exercise comes with it’s critics. They frequently say that its not as healthy as many people claim or even possibly harmful. Nevertheless, used having a licensed teacher, Bikram yoga exercise could be the best thing you have ever done for your body.

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